Creativity Days

A full day of drama and theatre exploration. We have two types of Creativity Days:

Option 1: You choose a topic, book, myth or issue and we’ll serve up a play performed by your children at the end of the day. The play is written for your class and each child will have at least one line to say. We provide props if necessary to the story. The day starts with improvisation, drama games and performance skills while exploring your topic. We’ll then move onto play creation and rehearsals. The day ends with a showing of the play.

Option 2: Like the idea of Play-in-a-Day but want something a little different? Then this option is for you.  The children learn about improvisation and acting skills and then devise a play of their own based around your topic, theme or story.  The day ends with a showing of their work.

All of our Creativity Days focus on the topic as well as emphasising the Big C’s: communication, collaboration, creativity, curiosity, concentration and confidence.

We provide a follow up activity pack for the teachers.

Full day

Max 35 pupils (one class)

A hall or similar type of space required

To book or for more information please email or call us on +4475 2276 8909 or simply  fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you.