A Chocolate Called ‘Calm’

This is the special chocolate in the box, our secret, magical Big C: Calm. And because we love it so much , we give it to your school for free when we are with you for the day. Keeping calm and in control is a valuable life skill that we all need. As actors and improvisers we have a few techniques to keep our minds and bodies calm, relaxed and happy during high stress situations. We’d like to share them with you too.

Life can get stressful and some of our emotions can feel overwhelming at times. This special workshop helps children learn how to handle stressful times, big feelings and uncomfortable thoughts. This workshop is also very helpful for children experiencing or about to experience a life change such as moving to a new school year or school as well as SAT’s stress.

The workshop covers:
• An interesting way to view thoughts
• How to handle strong feelings
• Diaphragmatic breathing for stress/anxiety management
• Guided imagery
• Healthy ways to handle stress
• Progressive muscle relaxation
• Mindfulness

The workshop includes an information sheet for the students, teachers and parents as well as the progressive muscle relaxation audio on CD for each child to take home.

Cost: Free with each full day booking or with two same day workshop bookings (making up a full day at your school)

When: On the same day that we visit you either before or after school or preferably during the lunch break.

Length: 45 minutes

Where: a large space is needed for children to be able to lie down comfortably in, as well as do some movement and drama games.

 Year 6 Teacher, pre-SAT’s workshop

‘Amazing! This child was upset and in tears this morning over the upcoming SATs on Monday. To see him so relaxed, laughing and enjoying himself now is incredible. Thank you so much.’

Year 6 Teacher, pre-SAT’s workshop
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