Theatre Intensives

These are our week long intensives offered to schools across Europe and England. They are usually held during the school holidays at your venue but are also available during term time.

Shakespeare in a Week

Being based in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s hometown, we are understandably great fans of his work and have spent many hours absorbed in working with his plays. We’d love for your students to feel empowered by being able to understand and work with Shakespeare’s plays the way he intended-on their feet and through performance!

Your director will come to your school with a Shakespeare play of your choosing. We’ll reduce the script to suit the cast size and age range of the students. During the week the students will learn about the Bard and how to perform his plays. At the end of the week they will perform the play to an audience of your choosing (family, friends, students.) This is a fun but intensive submersion into both the world of Shakespeare and acting. A wonderful and empowering experience for performer’s and non-performers alike.

Play in a Week

In contrast to performing a 400 year old Shakespeare text, this week long theatre intensive is all about modern day approaches to creating a play. We’ll use devising, ensemble and improvisational techniques to create our very own script. At the end of the week the students will then perform the play to an audience of your choosing.

Sometimes schools have a specific theme or topic they would like us to explore. At other times they have a set work book that they would like a play created from. We are happy to work with whatever your needs are.

The Art of Improvisation

This is an 8 day intensive for students to learn the art and skill of improvisation. This is a life changing workshop suitable for both non-performers and acting stars. We’ll immerse ourselves in the the world of improvisation and have a showcase of our work at the end of the 8 days for an audience of your choosing.

This really is an empowering experience that helps all students with their academics, life changes and creativity. It is an excellent  problem solving tool and enhances confidence, concentration and communication. Top graduate schools are training their students in Improvisation to give them the added edge to be successful in their fields. We believe all children should be trained in this life skill wether they go to an Ivy league school or not.

If your school cannot do an 8 day intensive, then we can offer you two sets of 4 day intensives.

For more information please fill in the contact form below or call us on +447522768909.